The Consol Solar Jar™

Green high-tech technology in a traditional mason jar.

The consol solar jar is an eco friendly solar light that literally provides bottled sunshine. The solar-powerd lid collects sunshine during the day. At night, it powers 4 built-in LEDs inside the glass jar. This makes the solar jar perfect as a patio or camping light, for romantic dinners and barbecues or a atmospheric garden lightning.


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Special Recognition: Institute of Packaging, SA Gold Pack Awards, 2011 
Finalist: Most Beautiful Object in South Africa (MBOISA), Design Indaba, 2012
Runner Up: Eskom Energy Efficiency Lighting Design Competition, 2012
Winner: Best South African Household Product, Fair Lady magazine, 2012
Winner: Best Small Electrical Appliance, Fair Lady magazine, 2012

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The Consol Solar Jar™ is primarily a reading light and portable lantern designed to outperform and replace candles and paraffin lights.  It’s a fun and sustainable, alternative and affordable light supply.


A battery powered waterproof glass  lantern charged by an integrated solar panel and alternatively via the on-board USB connector.
Can stand flat, can be carried or hung up via its steel handle.
Use for reading, studying, cooking, playing, camping and outdoor, events and  decorations, path and passage ways,  emergencies and general activities.
Flip the magnet to turn light off and on.
Make sure the magnet hits the white dot on the solar panel.
Unique magnetic switch:
No moving parts, no wear and tear.
Fire Hazard:
Cannot start a fire, even if mechanically damaged.


1 x 3.7V 600mAh flat cell aluminium  enclosed Li-ion battery, when fully charged provides a minimum 12 hours of light.
Over and under voltage battery  protection to extend battery life.
Battery Protection Feature:
Battery short circuit and over  temperature protection.
Battery Indicator:
Optional fifth LED, flashes 5 times when full, once when empty.
Day/Night Feature:
Optional automatic turn on after dusk and off at dawn.
Load Shedding Feature:
Optional load shedding feature turns on the light for 15 seconds when the lights suddenly go off for example during a power-outage.
Works equally well as a “good night” light.


Solar Panel:
1 x circular solar PV panel of 4.5V, 350mA, mono-crystalline.
Charging Solar:
Approximately 1 hour of runtime for every hour in direct sunlight.
The unit will only trickle charge in shady conditions, enough to keep it fully charged at all times but will take a long time to charge.
Charging USB:
Approximately 6 hours to a full charge, charger can be left plugged in indefinitely.


The unit is microprocessor controlled, enabling intelligent charge, lighting control and battery management.
Power Output:
120mW electrical power.
Electrical conversion efficiency >80%


Fully charge before storing.
Store between -10 °C and +40 °C
Avoid storage in the dark for longer than 4 months.
Recharge at your earliest convenience to prolong battery life.
Life Cycle:
The unit’s lifetime is depended on the battery life. The batteries are rated to give 500 charge/discharge cycles or 18 months of continuous use.
Guarantee Period:
Each unit has a unique serial number determining date of manufacture. Unit is guaranteed for 1 year from date of manufacture.
The Consol glass jar is 100%  recyclable. The electronics should be  disposed of at an E-Waste recycling facility.
The Consol Solar Jar is 115mm in  diameter including wire mechanism and 170mm in height.
Bee Compliancy:
BEE level 6
Design And  Manufacture:
In South Africa by

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