Suntoy, makers of the Consol Solar Jar™, combines the potential of solar technology with renewable and sustainable energy solutions. We are proudly South African and have our manufacturing factory in Village Deep, Johannesburg, South Africa. Our promise is to give our planet a brighter future by making every hour a solar-power-hour!

With thirty years’ experience in electronic and hydraulic engineering, Harald Schulz started Suntoy while tinkering in his home garage. Implicit in this startup formula is his passion for renewable energy. Over the last three years, Harald has thrived on the challenge of building a successful SMME despite its setbacks, long hours and financial risk. One that is now exporting the Consol Solar Jar™ worldwide.

The ultimate challenge for Harald, following his successful design and prototyping of the Consol Solar Jar™, was not to mass produce a cheaper product in China. The better solution was to partner with Consol, invest in a product that is proudly South African and meet the needs for alternative energy resources and job creation. For Harald, it’s about promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle and a green economy.

Our Mission and purpose
To add quality to life, to enhance our customers business performance, continuing sustainable growth and creating opportunities for our people.




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